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 Lilydale Bowmen Bowhunting


Lilydale Bowmen  is part of the Australian Bowhunters Association. We are a bowhunting club, which in its essence promotes and educates in the ethical harvesting of all introduced and pest animals. and accordingly we do have Bowhunting activities and events. You are not required to participate in Bowhunting however, if you are interested in the events and activities please contact the Bowhunting Education Officer (BHEO) for more information. 

Bowhunter Proficiency Certificate – BPC

Who Can Bowhunt ?

All members of A.B.A. Inc. can bowhunt. However it is a matter of Association Policy that all members attain their Bowhunter Proficiency Certificate (BPC) prior to hunting. This certficate represents a self-regulatory accreditation system based on education of bowhunters which can be obtained at the club level.

The B.P.C. requires members to pass a practical (bow accuracy) and written test based on material provided within the Bowhunter Education Manual.

Self-regulation of our sport has proved to be acceptable to members and government alike and has provided a firm basis for the continuance of our sport.

Lilydale Bowmen offers its members access to the nationally recognised “Bowhunter Proficiency Certificate” which increases awareness and respect for the environment as well as the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. 

Bowhunting Aims & Objectives of ABA  

  • To promote the status of bowhunting to a high level of acceptance and recognition in Australia and around the world.

  • To educate members to attain and uphold the highest standard of hunter ethics and published rules of fair chase.

  • To promote Bowhunter Education and responsible hunting ethics at all times. To participate in and promote the activities of the International bodies.

  • Bowhunting is a division of the National organisation (Australian Bowhunters Association Inc.). Incorporating the Trophy Bowhunters of Australia (TBA).

  • The A.B.A. Inc. is recognised as the controlling body for the development of bowhunting in Australia and as such offers a wide range of benefits to members wanting to bowhunt.

Australian Native Animals

The shooting of Native Wildlife cannot be tolerated and is illegal. All Native Wildlife in Australia have full protection, all the time. When it comes to bowhunting there are NO EXCEPTIONS. Our members are instructed to report any activity of this manner to the appropriate authorities.

Lilydale Bowmen and the ABA will do their utmost to make sure these type of individuals are convicted of their crime. If you are convicted of any crime in relation to the taking or injuring of Native Wildlife and you are a member of Lilydale Bowmen & the Australian Bowhunters Association your membership of both organisations will be terminated for life.

There is to be absolutely NO HUNTING OF ANIMALS on the Club grounds. Breaking this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the club and the police will be contacted.


Bowhunting Education Officer Contact Form

Bowhunting Contact

The Nationally recognised “Bowhunter Proficiency Certificate” increases awareness and respect for the environment as well as the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.