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About  Lilydale Bowmen 

About our club

Lilydale Bowmen, founded in 1977 is located in Montrose Victoria. We have great facilities in an amazing location on 35 acres of State Forest at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges with fantastic courses and a clubroom. Belonging to the Yarra Ranges Council the Forest is densely populated and home to many species of flora and fauna to be viewed as you make your way around any of our 4 courses.

We are lucky to have 4 dedicated 20 target courses set out across our grounds. We also have an indoor range and several practice ranges.

Our members are a friendly group made up of men, women & children, who participate in both Field Archery and Bowhunting. 

Our members practice a variety of archery styles and use different bow types being Compound, Recurve and Traditonal bows. 


We are a volunteer driven, non-profit organization that is home to one of the best outdoor archery facilities in the State.  Lilydale Bowmen is a members-only archery club that operates under the direction of a volunteer, 15 person committee elected by the members.

We have NO paid staff. All range maintenance and cleaning, construction and activities are the responsibility of volunteers from within Lilydale Bowmen’s membership.

Archery governing body

There are several governing bodies for the sport in Australia. Lilydale Bowmen is affiliated with the Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA) which is recognised as the national body representing Field Archery Australia and is responsible for the development of the sport of field archery at all levels. Additionally, ABA represents all aspects of Bowhunting throughout Australia . 


Lilydale Bowmen is a not for profit organisation run as a community club by volunteers. Membership is the core of our club. Members provide the finances, activity, manpower, ideas, and spirit that makes the club thrive.

Become a Member

We offer both social and competitive ABA shooting. 

Shoot with us 7 days a week

Our outdoor courses and practice ranges are open 7 days a week from dawn until dusk to members. Giving our members plenty of opportunities to shoot. The course is also open 365 days a year, so you can shoot all year around.