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About Lilydale Bowmen

Lilydale bowmen inc.

Located at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges & set on 35 Acres of  “State Forest” in Montrose Victoria

Not only is Lilydale Bowmen one of the largest Field Archery clubs in Australia we are also one of the oldest in Victoria having been founded officially in 1977.  We are an archery club who practice both Field Archery and Bowhunting under the umbrella of the Australian Bowhunters Association and the International Field Archery Association.  

“Lilydale Bowmen is without a doubt 
one of the best archery ranges in Australia –
come see for yourself”

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I am a beginner &
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about field archery

I am an archer & want
to know more about
Lilydale Bowmen

“Field archery is basically archery combined with with low impact bush walking” 

Discover Field Archery

Field archery is a really fun way to get into the sport of archery as it is the most natural form of shooting. Basically it combines archery and bushwalking.  It is based around shooting in woods, forests and open ground not just standing in front of the same target. Instead this is you, with a bow and arrows in the woods, often with friends and all sorts of targets from paper circles to dinosaurs.  Field archery includes three bowstyles: recurve, compound and traditional (longbow). It is suitable for ages 7-80 years and all types of fitness levels.

At Lilydale Bowmen we stand to promote the spread of archery in its many forms, including competitive target shooting, bow hunting, and personal practice for fun, exercise, and meditation.

Lilydale Bowmen encourages new members of all ages to come and join

If you’re interested in the sport of field archery then we’d love to hear from you. 

Lilydale Bowmen Inc. is a sporting, not for profit club who encouraging the use of all forms of archery equipment and styles: from traditional barebow to modern compound “unlimited”. It also provides the responsible and ethical pursuit of archery in its ultimate historical endeavour: hunting.

We regularly run our introductory course with our qualified coaches.